Coaching Program

1 to 1 Coaching

My 1 to 1 coaching programs are designed for businesses who are willing to grow and have a strong interest in improving people interactions they generate in and outside of the organisation.

These programs follow blends ActionCoach’s proven methodology for growth with my varied work experience in Europe and India, with multinationals, SMEs, Not for Profit, and my own consulting ventures. I also invest time understanding the specifics of the niche and mapping them in these coaching programs. Not that I have to, but in the interest of efficiency. It’s about making sure my clients get a return on their investment as soon as possible, as early as in the first month and no later than three months. It’s impossible to get results so quickly without knowing the context my clients operate in.

The 1-to-1 coaching sessions take place mainly over the phone, or online. Occasionally they can happen face to face. Their duration is 60 min and the pace is one call per week and that’s a real commitment…

Because each session leads to approximately 5 hours of additional work for the business owner and his team (when relevant) prior to the next session. The to do’s that structure these 5 hours are as important as the coaching session itself. It is by executing on what has been validated during the call that the business owner maximise his learnings, and his results.

I facilitate the session, critique the work done, hold the client responsible for executing on the plan of actions that was validated at the beginning of the coaching program. I challenge the client on the strategies to execute this plan, and identify / communicate on possible blind spots. 

The coaching sessions can include training on specific concepts, mentoring on specific situations, and advising on decision making. The clients often choose the “hat” I wear based on their immediate needs. A great coaching session is when clients come with questions, I help them clarify them by questioning and in the process they find the answers. That’s empowering.